Word for the day: Adaptation

responsive design

No new technology is more exciting yet more complicated than mobile-first responsive design. Seemingly the solution for dealing with the wide variety of handheld devices, responsive design is defined as a website that is developed using CSS to adapt the presentation of the site based upon the viewing device while accessing a single source of content. Whew! That is geek speak for "your website will rearrange itself based upon the device you are using."

When considering a new site, ZaneRay now approaches the design from the responsive perspective which allows developers to architect CSS which can accommodate all devices and browsers by dynamically altering the site to match the size of screen you are on. This concept is by far the best way to develop for mobile and ZaneRay has fully embraced it (like with this site you are viewing). This new approach requires designers to spend more time up front with the initial architecture, but then saves time spent by programmers who would otherwise have to develop standalone mobile sites. Responsive design also yields SEO benefits when compared to standalone mobile sites, making it a solid long-term approach for site development and management.

Nixon.com was the first site ZaneRay developed in a responsive fashion, and Nixon’s responsive checkout, which appeared during the holiday season of 2011, was quite possibly the first responsive checkout to appear on the Internet. True to Nixon style, the site has undergone many updates and a couple complete design refreshes to keep on the cutting edge of web technology.

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