Merchandising Done Easy

When we created the ZPromotions engine, we felt the challenge was not going to be building something that could accommodate known promotion patterns, like "buy one, get one free." Our clients were asking for promotional capabilities that we'd never heard of. The task was to build an engine that could accommodate anything.

So we created a framework that allows us to create promotions as modular pieces that our clients assemble. At this point we have various standard modules: free shipping, % off the order, discounted or free items, all driven by modular ''triggers" like "is the order above X amount", or "is item Y in your cart". When we say you can assemble these into a promotion, you can do something like "if the person has item XYZ in their cart, and has an order total over $1000, give them item ABC and free shipping".

In addition, the engine provides optional "messaging" functionality to stimulate user behavior. This conditional messaging is driven by the parameters of the promo itself. For example, if a user needs to spend more money to receive free shipping, a message may appear stating, "spend $48 more to receive free shipping."

Most importantly, our ZPromotions framework allows us to easily create new, unheard-of promotion modules with a minimum of custom programming. "Free shipping on Tuesdays", or "Answer this question and get a free T-shirt" are all possible.

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