Flexible, versatile, powerful

A powerful solution for managing and selling your online product offering, ZProduct offers merchandisers all the flexibility needed for profitable online sales.  ZProduct accommodates any type of product and any type of online presentation, giving merchandisers flexible tools for optimizing the shopping experience.  Integration with in-house systems or stand-alone sites with downloadable orders, ZProduct meets the needs of product managers by allowing simple to complex data integration.  Combined with ZPASS, ZProduct allows highly personalized pricing and offers within the same site.  Support for foreign currencies and languages allow merchandisers to enter new markets quickly and easily, again all from the same site.

Product Data & Management Features:

  • Flexible product information management at 2 levels, Product and SKU (product children)
  • Complete flexibility in how products are defined. Products and SKUs can be defined to have an unlimited number of attributes of different types
  • Powerful and almost infinitely flexible product categorization
  • Handle different product types in the same website without separating product data
  • Pricing offers are unlimited and can be defined at any product level: product, SKU.
  • Include multiple currencies and multiple language data within the same database
  • Batch upload data and/or manage data through administrative functions
  • Set up an inventory warehouse in ZProduct or get inventory from another system like a POS or ERP system.
  • Flexible backend integration
  • Tied with ZSearch, a powerful in-site search tool.

Product Presentation Features:

  • Complete flexibility in how products are presented
  • Segment products by stores and by offers, all through one site.
  • Pricing and offers can be created for type of user, type of promotion, day of week - whatever is needed to support merchandising plans
  • Use personalization, up-sell, cross-sell, sales and browser history, and other techniques for effective merchandising





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