Focus where it counts

Checkout flow and keeping the process simple for ecommerce customers is a focus for ZaneRay for all sites we design and develop. Emphasis is placed on keeping the customer focused on completing their transaction without any barriers or awkward functionality. Understanding that no two customers have the same business rules for orders, taxes, shipping, credit card authorizations, and order integrations with a back end system, Zfoundation includes a highly configurable shopping cart and ordering system that meets simple and complex needs for our customers.

Some customers require different payment gateways for their international partners, while others require different communications of orders to different back end systems, all within the same site. Shipping requirements vary greatly, as do tax rules. The ZFoundation ordering system accommodates all these variations whether held on the website or queried from the back end system.  

Similar to other ZFoundation tools, zOrder provides a basis of standard order features but provides a high level of flexibility to keep the checkout experience unique to any branded site.  Our interface developers have studied the checkout and conversion flow very closely and provide a level of expertise that is continually evolving.

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