We love a good challenge!

User interface design and development is a challenge ZaneRay fully embraces everyday. Our user interface team has earned a well deserved reputation of delivering on most any task put in front of them. Finess of design interpretation, coupled with understanding the human element of interaction, our UI team has performed many firsts in the online space.

It is one thing to develop something that works, but it is another thing entirely to make sure it works well in all environments and browser versions, even IE7! Completing the last 10% of any project is always the most difficult while you figure out how to get one feature to work properly in one browser version. This is where our team excels and has great pride in what they develop and deliver.

One of the reasons our clients come to us and stay with us is our uncanny ability to deliver on the front end of a site.  Some of the most outrageous UI requests have been not only accommodated, but in most cases the team will take it to another level with suggested improvements and enhancements.  Armed with a great deal of experience in UI design and development, and with significant and constant R&D, the interface team meets daily UI challenges with efficiency and creativity, thinking well outside of the box as a norm.

How do we stay current?  We read, we are not afraid to try new things, we explore and most of all we collaborate.  Some of our best ideas have emerged from a good brain storming session, extreme wireframing, or even during a good hackysack session.  But, don't take our word for it, our work speaks for itself as you browse some of the sites we proudly design and develop. 

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