ZFoundation was designed for integration. We call the places that ZFoundation may need to “talk” to another system or have custom behavior “touch points”. All touch points are designed to accept modular, plug-in functionality to handle your company’s particular needs without having to modify core ZFoundation code. The result is that we are able to efficiently handle proprietary business rules and integration challenges.

Ecommerce sites nearly all have some level of integration needs, whether it be 3rd party solutions or integrations to OMS or ERP systems.  We are often asked what systems we can integrate with and the answer is almost always "any system".  When asked to integrate to a new system we haven't worked with before, we know the questions to ask and typically can quickly gain the information we need to perform the work.  Our team has deep experience in this area and have many times assisted companies to develop their own API.

Some of the systems and solutions we have integrated with include:


ZaneRay Technologies

Custom Product Configurators

Progressive Web Apps


Z-Foundation Commerce Suite

Responsive Design


Z-Foundation Commerce Suite

ZaneRay Hosting


ZFoundation Commerce Suite

Interface Programming


Z-Foundation Commerce Suite

3rd Party Integration

Search Engine Optimization

Articles (CMS)

Z-Foundation Commerce Suite