24 x 7 Hosting Management

Among the many advantages of having a website on the Internet is the ability to sell your goods and services 24 hours of every day of the year.  The importance of having your Web store door open at anytime a customer wishes to enter is high.  Right behind that is the importance of the positive shopping experience while customers are in your web store.   Customers should always find the store open and each area of the store operating at maximum efficiency, translating to the highest potential for online sales.  This is the focus of ZaneRay hosting services - to keep your 24 hour Web store online and operating to the fullest capacity possible. 

ZaneRay has established dedicated hosting services to answer the demand of customers who require more than just a place to put their site.  Services like 24 hour site monitoring, monitoring of the monitoring, quick site recovery, and the employment of the latest tools software and security have all been traditional services of the ZaneRay Group.  The missing element has been control over the machines and software running on outside hosting services and ZaneRay's inability to intervene when customers received unsatisfactory results.  With the dedicated hosting services that ZaneRay has employed, these are no longer issues for our customers.

Our Data Center Partner

ZaneRay has selected Server Beach with their unmatched, state-of-the-art data center for the secure location of our dedicated servers. With this managed hosting solution, ZaneRay offers a wide range of hosting options from shared, to dedicated, to clustered and virtual.     

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