Any Content, Any Way, Any Where

Some sites contain a great deal of information that is valuable to many customers. Whether the content be press releases, newsletters, technical specifications, product ingredients, or a complete reference library, Articles provide very powerful technology that is both flexible and endless in the way information can be configured, categorized and displayed.

Used in conjunction with the ZCS Products system, Articles can allow product managers to correlate products to related information without storing the information in the product database. For example, an article that describes a certain material used to manufacture several products could easily be linked to these products without storing the article with each product. In another similar approach, articles can be related directly to other articles that cover similar topics. Taking this a step further, Articles can be used to place an entire magazine or publication online where relationships between articles and advertisers can easily be accomplished.


  • Complete flexibility in how articles are defined and displayed
  • Define unlimited attributes, copy elements, images and video to define an article type
  • Unlimited relationships can be established with other articles or products
  • Multilingual support
  • Define unlimited number of article types and categories
  • Hierarchical category structure to contain the most complicated of sites
  • Output to HTML, XML, JSON—any interface necessary to display the information

This flexible yet powerful tool allows you to incorporate text, images, and multimedia files, in unlimited configurations and relationships for any design or online display.

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