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Highly Interactive Content-Rich Sports Pages
Touch layout
Touch Friendly Interface Elements
Highly Interactive Content-Rich Sports Pages
Touch Friendly Interface Elements
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Patagonia was looking to capitalize on their wealth of content and experience with their Ambassadors program by creating a section of their site dedicated to each sport they support. This was accomplished by the ambitious “Sports” program which includes visually rich slideshows, videos, Ambassador Biographies, Blog content, Video Feeds and product details and stories.

The ZaneRay group helped bring this exciting section of the site to life with custom markup and programming and by implementing new techniques to support new devices and technologies.

A Rich Media Experience

Patagonia is famous for its prominent imagery and the Sports section allows the user to become fully immersed in each individual sport. Visit the Surfing Landing Page and you will be greeted by a slideshow that features some of Patagonia’s finest current surf photography as well as click-through links to products and custom Patagonia Videos, Followed by blog posts, video posts and a list of Surf Ambassadors.

ZaneRay created a custom slideshow, used throughout the Sports section that allows the user to browse through their amazing photography, play videos directly within the slideshow or click through to products.

Built with Next Generation Devices in Mind

All of the interface elements are optimized to work well on touch devices. The primary slideshow allows users of tablets or touch smart phones to swipe to change the slides. Videos play seamlessly within the slideshow.

The Blog and video sections throughout the site also have smooth swipe functionality when visited on a touch device.