Flexible Slideshow Layout
Adapts Beautifully to all Devices
Swipable Slideshow
Swipe Friendly
Full-Screen Slideshow
Adapts Beautifully to all Devices
Swipe Friendly Full-Screen Slideshow
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The Patagonia home page is a bold departure from the standard home page. It capitalizes on Patagonia's weath of imagery to create a simple yet effective, full screen slideshow. Within each slide Patagonia has the ability to load mapped links to sections of their site, load videos, place headlines, or just show off their amazing photography.

Built for a Variety of Devices

The slideshow on the Patagonia home page is designed to scale fluidly to the dimensions of any devices from an iphone to a 27" HD display supporting both vertical and horizontal layouts. When viewed on a touch device the slideshow also has full swipe support.