Zwift Goes Headless!

Feb 20 2019

If you ride bicycles, part of the thrill is the speed at which you can travel under your own power. If you are competitive, ultimate performance is what you try to achieve. If you are using the Zwift app and equipment, you are not only getting a great virtual ride, but you are riding along with others, and for many, competing. Whether it be your own group meet up online or with others who happen to be riding the same route, the Zwift app is a great way to train when you can’t get out to ride or you want to ride something in a different region or even country and ride along or compete with others.

ZaneRay partnered with Zwift to help them launch their webstore on BigCommerce. This was not an ordinary implementation given the different technology for the Zwift app, a separate branded website, many 3rd party integrations and connecting everything via API. With a goal of making all of these systems work well together and be seamless to their customer, there was a lot of development under the hood to connect these systems and share data. But, given the competitive nature of online storefronts and sales, ultimately speed and performance of the website interface is the true measurement of success.

ZaneRay worked with the Zwift team to develop a webstore that took advantage of the BigCommerce API and integrated a headless CMS, with the interface programmed in React as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). ZaneRay chose to use the Prismic headless CMS which serves up all of the branded content on the BigCommerce store including the home page and the rich content on the product pages. This has given the Zwift team full site management capabilities using a simple, yet powerful user interface.

Zwift already had a branded website that was also integrated to share user account authorization and management. With a few other custom systems in the mix, including the Zwift software, performance of the site was critical but fully achievable using a PWA. The site performs exceptionally well and will only improve as ZaneRay and Zwift continue to develop using this technology.

This technical stack and method allows Zwift to introduce any other system to the mix without having to reprogram. ZaneRay will be integrating the Zwift ERP system, redesigning and replacing their branded site on to the CMS, and helping Zwift with their incredibly fast growing business, all connected to the PWA, and just like the Zwift app, designed for speed and performance.