HPE produced a commercial to highlight ZaneRay's use of their toolset

ZaneRay and HPE Make it Official: We Like Each Other

Oct 19 2016

Many times the design work we do at ZaneRay takes center stage, but the reality is we are continually working on some cool technical projects as well. We manage production servers for the majority of our clients, and with the volume of commerce we are involved in, the requirements for world class hosting tools are very real. Our teams take exhaustive measures to keep our environments secure, efficient and backed up with rapid recovery capabilities.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise noticed, and felt there was enough of a story to send a video crew to Montana this summer to document what was happening in Whitefish. The video came out great, we were very flattered to be featured in it.

HPE is a giant company, and most of their clients are giant as well. But they aren’t only focused on the fortune 500 companies—they also really value all the thousands of small companies that utilize their products. ZaneRay fits the bill, as a company of only 25 people in a small ski town in Montana, but with global reach to millions of consumers that use the sites we maintain.

HPE’s products have been an important core to how we maintain all the virtual servers that handle the commerce of our varied customers. We’re happy to be a partner with them in both using their products and helping promoting them.

“HPE VM Explorer has given us the opportunity to access enterprise-level performance even though we’re a relatively small business. It’s better than anything else we’ve ever used.” —Brennan Sandusky, Systems Director and Senior Software Engineer, ZaneRay
Brennan Sandusky attending the 2016 HPE Connect conference in Washington D.C.Brennan Sandusky attending the 2016 HPE Connect conference in Washington D.C.

HPE Protect 2016

Brennan then also got a unique opportunity to attend the HPE Protect 2016 Conference in National Harbor, MD. While there, Brennan was able to help present a session: "Best practices for simplifying backups with vSphere and Hyper-V virtual machines". He gave some tips on backing up virtual machines in a production environment.

Last week HPE also gave a nice shout-out to Brennan in their blog that logged the key takeaways from HPE Protect.

“ZaneRay has been an amazing partner for HPE. They have been running the VM Explorer product for many years, and have been a great advocate for us.” —Gagan Bhatia, HPE Product Marketing

Read the full HPE Community post here.

You can also view the case study HPE produced about ZaneRay here:
ZaneRay protects global websites with HPE VM Explorer

Guest Webinar Appearance

The collaboration didn’t stop when the video production crew left Montana. Last month Senior Engineer and ZaneRay co-founder Dean Hamilton, along with Systems Director Brennan Sandusky were guests on HPE’s Webinar series: “VM Backup Best Practices”. The segment was titled “Tips from the Trenches, featuring the ZaneRay Group”. Host Gagan Bhatia spent about an hour with the team getting under the cover and digging into how we use HPE Software at ZaneRay.

Listen to the whole webinar here: Key takeaways from HPE Protect-2016

The overall collaboration with HPE has been a lot of fun, and we hope really beneficial to both sides. HPE's tools have been a great addition to our technology stack, and through this involvement, we have also learned they have some really great people behind the scenes as well!

Brennan chilling with the HPE team in Washington D.C. Brennan had an awesome time exploring D.C. with the HPE team, everyone at ZaneRay really appreciates the opportunity to worth together!