Umpqua site in review

A whole new way to discover the art of flies…. For fly fishing of course.

Dec 27 2019

Dancin Ricky, Hippie Stomper, Stubby Chubby: what do these names all have in common? They are all flies in the Ants Beetles and Hopper hatch category on the new Umpqua Feather Merchants’ website just launched in November 2019. The new Umpqua site is unlike any site out there in the world of fly fishing.

Developed as a B2B eCommerce and B2C brochure website, any user can discover from more than 22,000 flies and accessories, exactly what you might need for that next fly fishing adventure. Users can browse by the hatch, the experience, the destination or even by the artisan tyers who designed these unique flies. Consumers can then be directed to the dealer nearest them to stock up on Umpqua products.

While the site draws any user into this unique world of flies, the really cool features are behind the wholesale login that gaines Umpqua dealers access to create and place their orders using several custom tools, designed and developed by ZaneRay. Dealers can browse the site and build an order containing size and color using the quick shop on the product detail page. There is also a bulk order grid where dealers can search and add products either one at a time or by using a CSV upload. Even better, dealers can export their shopping carts for editing and reload for purchasing. All of these custom tools are designed to aid dealers to place any size order with ease and efficiency.

Not a dealer? No problem. Consumers can browse the entire line of products to discover what the fly fishing guides already know: Umpqua carries the highest quality, the largest line of flies in the business. Other products in their arsenal include fly tying supplies, leaders, and tippets, fly boxes and tools, packs and of course, Umpqua branded apparel that anyone can purchase.

Check it out: