Winner of the Pinkbike Innovation of the Year 2018 Award

Nov 02 2018

It is safe to say that the vast majority of ZaneRay spends a significant amount of time on a bike. Rain or shine, snow and ice, we are are avid enthusiasts to say the least. With that being said, we were honored to partner and collaborate with Trust in designing and developing their ecommerce site. Not only are we huge believers in the product and team, but we have the unique advantage of being deeply immersed in cycling culture - we immediately understood how much of a game-changer this fork is to the future of cycling.

For Trust, we had the unique challenge of not only introducing a new product to market, but a completely new suspension technology. One must fully grasp the innovation concept and technology in order to comprehend the premium value of the product. This is a giant step in innovation for cycling enthusiasts and that needed to come through in the content of the site. From an eCommerce perspective, there is essentially one product that is being sold (outside of some apparel and accessories), with much of the focus on educating the consumer on the innovative nature of the product

The Trust Performance site was built by ZaneRay with Shopify For this project, we knew we were going to be working at a startup pace. In order to accelerate the design and development process, we started the project with a two day immersive kick-off meeting to quickly define the approach and scope of the project. The word that emerged as the theme of the site was ‘fast’. The Trust team wanted everything to be focused around speed, since that is what the product promises to the rider. With this in mind, we took a video-heavy approach to the site that provided the movement and motion required to communicate the feeling of speed to the customer throughout the user experience.

At ZaneRay, we are the happiest and most fulfilled in our work when we are helping brands that we love successfully launch new innovative products into the hands, and in this case, onto the bikes of those who continue to push the boundaries of their sport.

We would like to congratulate the Trust team for taking home the Pinkbike Award for ‘Innovation of the Year for 2018’, it is well-deserved and we couldn’t be happier for you!