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Oct 04 2019

The world of arborism has cultivated an incredibly unique and enthusiastic culture, one that fosters a deeply loyal customer group who is as passionate as they are knowledgeable about the products needed to support their tree climbing endeavors. Arborists have a unique sense of humor as well as language, one that ZaneRay has come to know and love as we’ve partnered with the TreeStuff retailer brand. This new partnership gave us new license to grow longer beards, throw on some flannels, and gain an immense amount of respect for the people who choose this occupation.

The initial work included a branding effort that updated the TreeStuff look and feel, including the logo. Given the playful nature of TreeStuff, it was important to keep true to the core brand image while also updating the elements to be more cohesive when standing alone or as a collective. The illustrative nature of the visuals preserved TreeStuff’s cheeky personality and was applied to the overall site throughout.

Animation of product category icons designed by Highline Design

As ZaneRay immersed ourselves deeply into the arborist culture, and more specifically looking at the TreeStuff community, we discovered an array of special business and ecommerce requirements needed to support some of the products and experiences that were unique to TreeStuff and their customers. Though their previous site presented a lot of opportunities for improvement, there were some shopping requirements that TreeStuff knew they needed to preserve. They knew how their customers shopped the site and wanted to carry over certain elements of a tried-and-true shopping experience that was familiar to their customer group.

One business challenge that inspired some unique design solutions, was the fact that TreeStuff has a number of customer attributes that dictate unique discounts and offers. ‘Sign in’ controls all of these custom customer group benefits, providing a personalized shopping experience once the user is logged in. For some customers, this includes the ability to place an order using a purchase order number as a payment option at checkout. Given the fact that TreeStuff has a true B2B relationship with many of their customers, a custom Quick Order grid was developed to accommodate the frequent buyer. This shopping tool is important to those customers who know what they want and can purchase with efficiency.

Unlike some retailers, TreeStuff has the benefit of having an in-house content production team with the ability to regularly create educational content as well as highly engaging 360 product imagery, which is a feature enhancement on the product pages of the new site. Another unique feature related to content requirements, was enabling the shopper to engage independent product video reviews from the category landing page rather than having to click through to the product page. TreeStuff customers rely heavily on product reviews and educational content so it made sense to surface content known to increase conversions.

Shot of the search menu on Treestuff

A robust search and product browsing experience

The site employs several third party applications that offer solutions for key features and tools that put TreeStuff in the driver’s seat. Product data is injected into the site using the Jasper PIM. The site contains over 16,000 products with numerous variations and complexities and the Jasper PIM helps to manage much of the product attributes, pricing, and categorization. Jasper is also integrated with the TreeStuff ERP (Netsuite) for orders and order management. In addition to Jasper, the Shogun application provides reusable content components that facilitate much of the merchandising and non-product content of the site. These components allow site administrators to create and manage most of the site without the need for a developer to assist.This also includes landing page creation, further enabling the TreeStuff team to run the entire digital store independently. Nextopia is employed for a more robust search and product browsing experience which is key for such a large catalog. Nextopia also drives the Bar and Chain finder for chainsaws, which is a primary tool for arborists, allowing customers to locate the correct bars and chain parts for their saws.

There are so many new features that make up this site, too numerous to mention. But with that being said, we do need to talk about one gem that is true to the TreeStuff brand. It is somewhat of an “easter egg” in the site that true loyal TreeStuff customers will no doubt locate without trouble. If you find and click on the right place in the site, your cursor will turn into a little chainsaw that even “smokes” a little while browsing. This little feature was inspired by the TreeStuff customer who appreciates a little fun while shopping for their work equipment! And finally, we could not leave out our favorite page, the TreeStuff 404. Check it out and you will get a true sense of the TreeStuff brand.

Treestuff did a great video to introduce their new site:

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