Skullcandy and ZaneRay collaborated on a battle-of-the-bands style contest

Skullcandy Rocks Out

May 16 2017

Skullcandy and ZaneRay have teamed up to produce another great microsite that is now live on the The site called the "Stayloud Showdown"—a battle of the bands staged in three US cities between April and June of 2017.

The competition is done with a partnership between Skullcandy and the Vans Warped Tour. The winner of each showdown event wins the right to play a number of event on the Vans Warped Tour. The competition begins on-line once bands are announced, then in person at a live event in the target city, and wraps up with a week of voting after the event. Three to five bands compete for the title in each city.

The Showdown events scheduled include Los Angeles, Austin and New York City. The Los Angeles event went off without a hitch April 6th with the band Forget Your Friends named as the contest winner. Three bands compete this week for the Austin title: Magna Carda, A. Sinclair and Sweet Ascent.

The Austin live event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th, at 7:00pm. You can watch the event live on the Skullcandy site, as well as vote and comment during the performances.

The Showdown web site was built as a collaboration between Skullcandy, ZaneRay and LiveList. LiveList offers a suite of tools for running music-based live streaming events. They deployed a kick ass voting and social platform to complete an extremely engaging on-line experience. Their tools are used to stream thousands of live music events around the globe. The partnership pulled together with a tight time-frame to implement an extremely engaging responsive web site.

The resulting site utilizes embedded video, parallax design techniques, animated svg graphics, and embedded voting tool—all under a single scrolling web page. Users can interact with the event on-line, or RSVP to attend the event in person. The whole site is administered by Skullcandy with a Wordpress-based, parameter-driven approach.

ZaneRay truly enjoyed the experience of working through this project, and will be watching May 16th to see the next winner crowned!