Mood Boost and a look Inside Skullcandy

May 11 2020

Skullcandy rose to the occasion in a major way in April with the launch of its global Mood Boost Campaign. During a time where young people are battling depression and other mental illnesses at a higher rate than ever, Skullcandy is delivering a Mood Boosting message every month. It’s supercharged with a product bundle including a coveted limited edition product and a thematically inspired art piece. In addition, Skullcandy has committed to giving back through this initiative when you buy any Mood Boost bundle you’ll be supporting To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit organization that helps people find hope and treatment for mental health issues. This campaign truly unleashes the visceral power of music and is a testament to the righteous, outlandishly creative, wholeheartedness of their brand (and team).

From the moment we were briefed on this campaign, it felt good. We were thrilled to be a part of a campaign whose primary purpose was to uplift and bring positive energy to those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Given that this campaign is updated monthly, the development and user experience needed to be built in a way that it could be easily updated and maintained by the Skullcandy team across their multiple locales.

Your purchase help funds hope

ZaneRay developed this new feature in the Prismic CMS and injected the content into the Skullcandy BigCommerce platform. Prismic gives the Skullcandy team a simple CMS to work within, allowing them to update these pages each month. We also transitioned the homepage to the Prismic CMS, enabling the Skullcandy team to set up the homepage for the next mood, which is an integral part of the prep for each month's campaign. This setup streamlines maintenance for the Skullcandy team, allowing them to manage all of their updates in one place. The business also required that the non-profit organization be regionally specific so we built in the flexibility for this to happen.

Limited Confident Bundle

The design is an eye-popping blend of color, graphics, and animations. ZaneRay worked hand-in-hand with Skullcandy designer Liz Hayes to bring similar energy to the animation and experience. The experience, though brand lead, doesn't skimp on the fundamentals of e-commerce. Skullcandy takes consumers directly to an energized and equally informational product detail page where they can easily add the products to their cart with no lack of inspiration. In order to achieve this, we leveraged an innovative theme-driven color palette, where the entire look and feel of certain pages are easily altered each month to embody the featured mood—which includes the limited edition product page.

Skullcandy also revealed a new Inside Skullcandy section of the site that showcases the true ethos of the brand through captivating imagery blended with expressions of the brand’s values. Inside Skullcandy offers a view of the Skullcandy culture, technology, partnerships and team athletes, showcasing their deep roots in action sports along with their incredible corporate headquarters in Park City, Utah. If you really want to get a better feel for what drives the Skullcandy brand, we invite you to take a look at this inspiring area of the site, developed using the Prismic CMS. Check it out!

Mood Boost | Inside Skullcandy