ZaneRay build the Skullcandy International sites for Mexico and India

Skullcandy Launches New International Sites for Mexico and India

Sep 29 2016

Skullcandy just launched today the second of two international sites designed and developed by The ZaneRay Group. Adopting the branded look of the US site, ZaneRay and Skullcandy collaborated to release a more modern version of their site for Mexico (launched 9/22/2016) and India (9/29/2016). The site was based off the US site design, but with a fresh approach, a clean, modern foundation of responsive HTML to deliver it to the world. The US, Canadian and European sites are currently adopting some of the design upgrades developed in this project.

"The India site launch inside of 9 days proves we made a great decision to use your platform!!" - Jenny Buchar, Skullcandy Project Lead

These two international sites use the same infrastructure and database but in effect have two different storefronts for country and language. International admins have the ability to manage and contribute their own content but stay true to the branded look and product displays.

"The India site launch inside of 9 days proves we made a great decision to use your platform!!" commented Jenny Buchar, the project lead at Skullcandy in Park City. The team at Skullcandy put the content together and went live in one week after launching the first international Skullcandy site on ZaneRay’s zCommerce platform. Currently the site is in english and spanish with the addition of Japanese coming soon.

zCommerce is designed to leverage a central core website for multiple countries and languages that provides control for the brands yet allow a locale to have their own product catalog, regional content and even order management and processing. "This removes the redundant work and management that many other platforms require with separate sites for each country", says Marc O’Brien, project lead at ZaneRay for Skullcandy. "Once the initial site is there, it is pretty easy to add more countries, languages, currencies and even warehouses as Skullcandy has demonstrated today."

Skullcandy plans to not only add more countries but some of those locations will eventually offer ecommerce capabilities. With the introduction of several innovative wireless products, the timing for these new Skullcandy international sites will continue to accelerate global brand and product awareness.