ZaneRay pushed the limits on Patagonia Fitz Traverse

The Fitz Traverse - We didn’t climb it. We brought it to you digitally.

May 27 2015

The Fitz Traverse is one of the biggest, baddest climbs in the world. Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold completed the first ascent of all seven peaks in February 2014. Patagonia (the brand) designed the page and captured the essence of the journey. The ZaneRay Group delivered it to your screen.

ZaneRay’s objective was to translate the captured moments of this trailblazing feat into digital form. A pivotal piece of the content is Caldwell’s handdrawn map and notes that he shared. This became the centerpiece of the project.

The Patagonia Fitz Traverse page harnesses the personal aspect of Caldwell’s notebook and outputs it in an animated form that depicts the voyaged route and key notes. The page includes embedded background video of the majestic towering peaks, a 7-minute story of the trek, an animated depiction of the route adapted from Caldwell’s notebook, as well as Caldwell’s synopsis of traverse and gear he wore.

Caldwell and Honnold's Route on the Fitz Traverse

The technical aspect

ZaneRay delivered a high-end responsive solution that leverages HTML 5 embedded video and javascript scalable vector graphics (SVGs).

Translating handdrawn, organic content to a scalable web version can be quite a hurdle based on a number of factors including variation in browsers from Chrome to Safari and scalability from devices. Determining the speed at which to produce the irregular spacing from Caldwell’s drawings was one of these hurdles.

“The challenge that we overcame in this project was the need to compute a velocity for drawing the hand drawn line, including allowing for the small but important pause between the dashes. Additionally in order to be fully cross-browser supported, we opted to animate the width of the animated line segments, rather than the length. ” - ZaneRay developer Amanda Dinstel

The Fitz Traverse holds a special association for the Patagonia brand. The tallest peak - Monte Fitz Roy - is the inspiration for Patagonia's logo.

ZaneRay is pleased to have been a part of this project. Our team of designers and developers specializes in problem solving the web; we will leave summiting the Fitz Traverse to Caldwell and Honnold.

Check out the Patagonia Fitz Traverse page:

ZaneRay has had an ongoing relationship with the Patagonia brand, providing web design and development solutions since 2001.