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Dec 10 2019

When ZaneRay launched the Trust Performance site last year, we were given a few design sentiments that gave us a solid creative direction for the site. The Trust team wanted the site to emanate the feeling of ‘speed’ as well as inspire and educate the consumer on this new groundbreaking suspension technology. A deep understanding of the technology was required in order to convey the true value and the game-changing innovation of the product. At that time, there was one product that gave us a single point of focus for the narrative. ZaneRay recently relaunched the Trust Performance site to accommodate a second product that also requires the same level of education and inspiration as the first, but now split amongst two products instead of one. The approach was expanded to include the second product, and side by side split video was used to contextualize the differences by showing what type of riding is done on each. The foundational technological elements are the same, however, what each product does, and what they are for, is different.

This type of design challenge is best served by someone who is deeply immersed in the culture. It is a knowledge that comes with full immersion into the lifestyle of the consumer, which in this case, includes the vast majority of us at ZaneRay.

You don’t have to twist our arms to go out and ‘immerse’ ourselves in cycling culture at any level, and our deep understanding of the cycling industry, from a business and consumer perspective, is what gives us the ability to focus on the subtleties that make all the difference in communicating to a community of mavens in a truly authentic way. We are fortunate enough to have gained the trust (pun intended) of this community to communicate through design elements that authentically inspire and speak to an extremely critical consumer group that requires every aspect of branding to be spot on.