ZaneRay designed a new responsive site for Holly Yashi
Sep 16 2015

The ZaneRay Group today launched a new responsive website for Holly Yashi, a jewelry manufacturer and retailer based in Arcada, CA. ZaneRay has been working with Holly Yashi since 2008, and this site represents the second generation effort between the two companies. The new website is a “mobile first” responsive design and includes multiple expanded paths to product discovery from jewelry type to “occasions” and incorporates faceted product browsing.

The site also has a B2B face to it – “” – which supports Holly Yashi’s retailer base. This wholesale storefront allows Holly Yashi to leverage the retail site while merchandising and engaging their wholesale customers with unique and specialized content designed for just this audience.

“ is a great example of how a manufacturer can be successful at building a brand and their retailer’s sales, while at the same time selling direct and learning from their customers firsthand. Buying jewelry is also a special, unique experience and one thing we’ve learned from Holly Yashi and others is how an online store experience should be tailored to the product you’re selling and not be dictated by convention, platform, or what’s easiest to do.” - Penny Porterfield - VP of Business Development

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