The Natural Gear web site and brand were redesigned by ZaneRay

ZaneRay Launches a new site for Natural Gear

Apr 25 2018

Natural Gear is brand whose values are based on the science, and subtly of a successful hunt. Their dedication started over 25 years ago deep in the woods of Arkansas, and it still rings true today, their goal is to have the best camo pattern that consistently improves upon every hunters' ability to hide. They understand the passion of the outdoor stage, the grit of hunkering down for hours and the excitement when hard work and dedication pay off. This passion is evident in every high-quality, effective and affordable camo product Natural Gear produces. These camo patterns are revered by experienced hunters as versatile patterns that blend seamlessly in any hunting terrain, all the time. They embody the heritage, culture, and traditions handed down by their fathers and grandfathers. To avid fans, their Natural Gear camo is more than what they wear; it stands for what they believe in and their way of life.

The passion for outdoor endeavors made Natural Gear an excellent fit for ZaneRay, and we started a journey with them to update their brand and build them a stellar website experience. The Natural Gear team were dream clients -- it was a pleasure to partner with them to elevate their brand presence and move them into the future of digital. For their business, this couldn't be a better move strategically.

The evolution of the Natural Gear brand takes a new, modern turn

From a branding perspective, this meant, updating their logo, amplifying their brand voice, creating their color palette and wrapping this up in a comprehensive brand book that will continue to be leveraged for countless projects in the future. The most significant benefit was that it gave us a solid foundation to build and style their e-commerce website.

Natural Gear as a brand has mastered The Science of Camouflage; this is one of their strengths and a source of much credibility from their dedicated Nat Gear fans! One of the most notable areas of the site is The Science landing page which provides in-depth information, imagery, and content. We've made this available to the consumer at critical points in their browsing and shopping journey. This content inspires and informs - bringing the consumer one step closer to envisioning these remarkable camo patterns in context, in the situation - on the hunt.

Natural Gear brings a scientific approach to the camo market, and they produce some of the best patterns in the industry.

This page celebrates The Science, provides a breakdown of The Laws that govern and includes sections dedicated to each pattern. We are particularly proud of the shop-ability on this page as it links to the collections for each of the patterns. Additionally, the pattern sections themselves power the PDP with content that can also be viewed in that critical moment of truth- the point of purchase. These were done by leveraging BigCommerce Custom Fields on the PDP and anchoring The Science page with customer quotes that bring authenticity to the performance of Nat Gear products and compliment the sharp camo pattern images and photography on this page.

We've built a solid foundation from best-practices with an emphasis on simplicity. We can move forward knowing we set Natural Gear on the right path with a strong branding foundation and a website built to evolve, that is flexible and operates at the level of larger, more flashy competitors. - ZaneRay Designer Jeff Jessop also sports a Homepage and Navigation that inspires, gives confidence in the brand and also helps the consumer get to products and information quickly. The Product Detail Pages have new imagery, Copy with focus on SEO and the ability for customers to start adding reviews. We've also introduced a Journal, with genuine stories and experiences from hunters and lifestyle articles. Lastly, has an optimized one-page checkout to make that critical step quick and easy on consumers.

The new branding and website launched in Spring and we can’t wait to see how it elevates the brand and consumer journey for Natural Gear!