Mendi's new web site was built by ZaneRay using BigCommerce

The Road To Recovery, Mendi CBD Launches New Site

Aug 27 2020

The obvious place to start when talking about Mendi CBD is to look at the team that has founded this brand, and one founder in particular, Rachael Rapinoe who is a former professional soccer player and the twin sister of Megan Rapinoe. For those of you who don’t know the Rapinoe sisters, they have both made significant contributions in the world of women’s soccer. Rachael is now retired, however, Megan has been recognized as one of the top female players in the world. Megan is also a dedicated activist who has used her platform to fight for racial and LGBTQ equity, establishing herself as an influential figure on and off of the field. On the field, Megan stole the show in the 2019 world cup for Team USA, bringing home the win for the team and being named the Best FIFA Women's Player of 2019. She is a dynamic personality, a dedicated activist, and one of the primary athletes endorsing Mendi CBD with her twin sister at the helm.

Megan Rapinoe, soccer legend: Better recovery makes a world of difference both on and off the field.

The CBD marketplace is exploding, and with so many new brands entering the space, it is often difficult to differentiate the benefits or healing qualities of one versus another. Mendi CBD has done a great job differentiating itself by offering a range of CBD products that are specifically focused on recovery for athletes. With recovery as their focus, they have been able to garner endorsements by some very prominent names across a spectrum of sports categories.

Mendi makes a variety of Base products with no THC, and Core products with <0.3% THC

Mendi approached ZaneRay to help identify and implement the best technologies for their new site designs, which they had recently completed and shared with us. The platform that they were using was not optimized for e-commerce and they knew that there would be insurmountable limitations in implementing the new designs on the existing platform. They also needed this to be done quickly, with some new product launches around the corner and an ambitious marketing plan. Mendi faced the unique challenge of finding a platform that could support e-commerce for CBD brands given the regulations around the distribution of the product. ZaneRay is a close partner with BigCommerce, who immediately surfaced as the best solution for Mendi. Because BigCommerce supports a number of payment gateways, we were able to identify the best partner for their unique requirements. ZaneRay was able to get Mendi up and running on the BigCommerce platform in approximately three weeks' time, positioning them well for their upcoming product launches.

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