ZaneRay Featured in BMFO Video

Jul 17 2017

BMFO released a video this month, and it was some outstanding work, making a case we've been making for almost 20 years. The video features our founder Reed Gregerson, as well as a number of ZaneRay employees doing what they love outside of work. We believe that supporting the protection of public lands is good for everyone, including business—especially in an incredible state such as Montana.

At ZaneRay we have found this to be true both in the recruitment of employees as well as attracting interest in potential customers. When we are recruiting talent to work at ZaneRay, our position in an outdoor paradise makes this a dream location for skilled designers and developers looking to strike a real balance between work, family & outdoor living. The work is more compelling to them because they are outdoor people.

We find brands in the outdoor industry are more likely to be interested in hiring an agency in a place like Whitefish, Montana. When they realize that the people who will be working on the web site are also avid customers of theirs, we start to make a lot of sense a fit for their needs. Comparable agencies in major metropolitan areas simply cannot offer the same level of customer understanding.

This delta of outdoor people, talented web developers, and top outdoor brands is only possible in a state with both the resources of Montana and a commitment to protecting the resources we possess.

Featured in the video are ZaneRay President Reed Gregerson (speaking), Systems Engineer Jon Kofal (snowboarding), Interface Director Jeremiah Martin (road biking), Deisner/UI Developer Tyler Furry (mountain biking, skiing), Project Manager Tyler Nitopi (mountain biking), and a cameo by the Wolf of Whitefish™, Blaze Malamute.