ZaneRay designed and built a new site for Goldray Glass

ZaneRay Launches Showcase Website for Goldray Glass

Mar 03 2016

Goldray Glass is a manufacturer of architectural decorative glass, specializing in highly customized glass solutions for interior and exterior architectural glass projects around the world. Known for a variety of glass products such as backpainted glass, laminated glass, ceramic frit glass and more, it’s their innovative research and development lab that is most impressive. For those not entrenched in architecture and design, imagine the unique and often dramatic architectural glass you see in images of Times Square. It’s a really interesting company, conquering some very complicated and unique challenges.

Having collaborated with 3M’s architectural division to develop dichroic glass, and with all of their fabrication equipment located in house, Goldray has become one of the go to glass manufacturers for architects and interior designers looking to solve big glass challenges. And with over 20,000 colors of back painted glass, their need to showcase vast product collections and the inherent beauty of their product was top priority.

The resulting site presents very complex architectural information in a way that is easily digestible and not overwhelming.

Goldray selected The ZaneRay Group to design and develop a new website for the company. The challenge for a new Goldray website was how to present their products online given the significant depth and complexity of their product offerings. A responsive site and ease of navigation through an endless choice of applications, colors, glass types and project photos was paramount to the overall success of the project. It was also important that the site resonates with their sophisticated audience, showcasing an understanding of their market while appealing to users worldwide. ZaneRay worked with the Goldray team to gain a solid understanding of what their customers look for in both product performance and the visual details that leads to sales inquiries. The resulting site presents very complex architectural information in a way that is easily digestible and not overwhelming—and to showcases a myriad of their custom glass projects while providing enough details for the different customer types, including architects, designers and contract glaziers.

ZaneRay created a flexible structure to present Goldray with an opportunity to present just about anything they want on their site, including featured projects, a product showcase and a Goldray spotlight. ZaneRay designed and developed several reusable components that allow site administrators to create pages and creative content using these components. The team at Goldray continues to build out the content on the new site based on this flexible structure. ZaneRay continues to collaborate with the Goldray marketing team to implement a content and SEO strategy for specific sales targets based upon some of their niche product offerings and what their customers search for when it comes to decorative glass solutions.

To see some of Goldray's projects and the beautiful glass that they manufacture, visit their website: