ZaneRay designed the evo compatibility finder, an amazing tool for matching compatible gear, raising conversion and buyer confidence, and reducing returns

Intelligent Cross Sell on Steroids

May 02 2017

Goodbye to frustrations around buying complicated products that don’t work together

If you are an action/outdoor sports enthusiast, you may be familiar with the evo brand—a leading online and brick-n-mortar retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel based out of the Pacific Northwest. evo approached us to help them design a ‘package builder’ for their site. Before setting out to create the package builder, ZaneRay collaborated with evo to redesign and upgrade the site to be mobile responsive and more expressive of the brand and what they do. Fast forward through the redesign to a newly released Compatible Gear Finder on the evo website.

Animation to demonstrate the evo compatibility finder on a mobile phone.

A first of its kind, this tool is designed to self-guide online customers to a fully compatible gear package with confidence. As Nathan Decker, Director of Ecommerce at evo says, “We are committed to not just solving customer problems, but going above and beyond—to create elevated experiences that delight customers.” evo carries a significant number of brands for winter and summer sporting gear but not all products are fully compatible. If you are looking for ski touring gear for example, you want to be confident the skis, bindings and boots you select will work well together. If you are looking at a snowboard, you want to make sure you get the right bindings to go with it. This is the challenge the Compatible Gear Finder solves for the evo customer.

Working with the evo team, ZaneRay designed an interactive interface that presents compatible products for the selected item. The evo team enhanced their product data to intelligently align compatible products, including a significant amount of accessories. The Compatible Gear Finder was launched winter 2017 with primarily snow sporting gear: skis, snowboards, bindings, boots, poles, and a whole slew of accessories. A “Shop Compatible Gear ” button is presented on the product page of the primary products - skis, boards, boots or bindings. Say you are viewing a pair of skis and hit that button. You are presented with a series of compatible bindings that fit the pair of skis you have selected. There is a “your selections” display that tracks your picks and provides an indicator of how many compatible options you have to choose from. Filters and sorting of the bindings is also available so you can meet your budget or select from several filters that zero in on your specific needs. Select a binding and you are able to view full details of the product right there and add it to your cart, updating the selection tracker. Next you are presented with compatible boots, then accessories like poles and helmets. It is even smart enough that if you choose a women’s boot, you are presented with women’s helmets. You can choose to checkout at anytime or continue to complete a full package of gear.

“We are committed to not just solving customer problems, but going above and beyond. ZaneRay helped us deliver. We couldn't be happier with the end product.“ - Nathan Decker, Director of Ecommerce, evo

Future plans are to include summer sporting gear for wakeboarding and skateboarding. This initial release is only the beginning as ZaneRay and the evo team watch closely how the tool is used and gain feedback from their customers.