Buck Knives New Responsive Website

An American Partnership

Aug 08 2014

For the second time in 5 years ZaneRay has re-invented a 100-year-old American brand. This week comes the launch of a re-branding effort for Buck Knives—the very first name in American-made knife manufacturing. We are extremely proud of the new site, as it hits every single buzzword of what to do right in modern web development: it's mobile first, responsive, adaptive, ultra-fast, light-weight, and offers customizable products for users who know exactly what they want.

The Buck site also takes full advantage of all of the best technologies ZaneRay has to offer, including products, our CMS, user management, our new custom review system, and our internal search engine.

Full Responsive Redesign

The Buck site is built for speed and adaptability. Not only does it look great on any device—fully using every part of the screen in whatever orientation preferred—it also saves bandwidth by only downloading the content that fits on the screen.

The Buck site also stands out as one of the fastest and most efficient sites ZaneRay has ever built. While completing the interface, we left no stone uncovered when looking for areas to keep the load down. Our goal was to provide a rich multi-media experience to anyone using the site, but we found ways to do it without wasting people's time with content or tools they would not use. The result is a site that serves 100% of the content and functionality that Buck offers, with page loads that are at an absolute minimum in total size and number of requests.

Responsive Custom Knife Builder

The Custom Knife Builder (CKS) on the Buck site is a technical marvel. Written from top to bottom in HTML5 and CSS3, the tool allows users to choose their blade, bolster material, handle material, and do custom engraving, as well as a list of other special options on a product-to-product level. The tool then hands off the parameters to a the experts at Buck who custom-build the exact knife the user desires.

One of the biggest advantages of the Z-Foundation Commerce Suite is how easily it can bend over backward to meet custom needs. Our customers are almost always ones who require their sites to stand out from their competition, and that quite often means unique tools that many agencies could not accomplish. The CKS fits the bill—its as easy to use as anything like it in the industry, and its built to adapt to any screen size.

Introducing the Browse Bar™

The Buck site is one where customers like to look at a lot of options before making a selection. We hate forcing people to go back and forth from product detail pages to category landing pages. So we developed the Browse Bar™, a tool that allows users to see the full category or search results they were most recently looking at, all from within the product page. Many sites include next or previous links on the product page, but the Browse Bar™ allows a user to jump to any product in the selected set. Of course it is also responsive and adaptive, adding no download time to any user who chooses not to utilize it (or who hasn't seen anything like it before and is afraid).

Modern, Sophisticated Aesthetic

The aesthetic of the new Buck Knives site is a tremendous upgrade from their previous site. The site had become stale, and Buck has a history of being a leader in their industry. With this re-launch, Buck stands out as they should—with the best knife site on the internet.