Skullcandy pushed the limits in March, with their introductory 12 Moods campaign featuring artist Rico Nasty and athlete Jenn Soto, plus a host of products offered in bold tangerine

Breaking Barriers with Skullcandy

Aug 19 2019

If there is one thing you can count on, it is that Skullcandy is always thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries in creative ways to engage their customers. As a manufacturer of high quality audio electronics, it is fitting for Skullcandy to excite their customers by bringing unique artists and athletes to their website. The most recent initiative with their team did just that through the launch of the new “12 Moods” campaign.

Launched in March of 2019, the “12 Moods” campaign will run for 12 months and features a color of the month (the “mood”) in a highly creative online experience that includes featured artists, athletes, videos and special limited product releases—all inspired by a mood color that represents how the music makes us feel.

Animation of the landing page for 'Rad' the Skullcandy mood and color for August, 2019

Due to the complexity of the campaign, there were some very specific requirements to consider in terms of page layout, interactive features and timed releases. As a solution, ZaneRay brought in a headless CMS to support the requirements of the user experience, which also enabled the Skullcandy team to schedule the releases of content at the most relevant time. Using Prismic as the headless CMS, the page was created on top of BigCommerce, injecting content into the page and configuringit in the Prismic admin. The headless CMS not only plays an important role for the dynamic experience, but also in serving up the content in different languages for the global Skullcandy sites.

Animation of the landing page for 'Fresh' the Skullcandy mood and color for May, 2019

Skullcandy likes to stand out and break barriers with their products and digital experiences. ZaneRay specializes in creating solutions for these unique ideas and will continue to invent technical solutions that bring these exciting new experiences to life.

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Animation of the Skullcandy Moods landing page, scrolling through the months' moods and colors