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BOTE Board Launches New Site

Oct 30 2019

As the dominant player in the paddle board market, BOTE Board is a manufacturer like no other. They think outside and all around the box to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a paddle board and other creative floating products. They take a similar approach to their digital presence and branding, using beautiful imagery to communicate their brand message.

Looking to upgrade and modernize their underlying website technology, BOTE turned to ZaneRay as a partner to help them select and migrate their site to a new ecommerce platform. BOTE had several requirements that tend to challenge any platform: heavy on imagery and content, complex business rules and a wide array of nuanced products. The product pages were designed and built to tell a more cohesive brand story, educating visitors on the sport while seamlessly surfacing all relevant accessories that one might want with their board purchase. We love this brand and were up to help solve the challenges that are inherent to Bote’s branding and unique ecommerce requirements.

Check it out: