Booking Your Trip with Confidence with Alaska Shore Tours!

May 05 2018

Alaska Shore Tours provides a reservation system for booking excursions and activities along the coastal region of Alaska. Designed to align with the Alaska inside passage cruise industry, the company works with the best adventure travel operators in the region and offers direct real time visibility for availability and booking. As an added convenience, customers can enter their cruise line and travel dates and the website will display accurate port itineraries and excursion options for the specific cruise, ensuring the correct options, timing and availability of the different activities at each port.

ZaneRay began working with Alaska Shore Tours in 2014 to consolidate what was then 3 separate websites, into one site. From there, ZaneRay collaboratively developed booking features and logic that over time have taken the booking company into triple digit growth. Much of the focus has been with personalization and creating a unique customer experience for the individual. Customized itineraries, intelligent cross-sell, well organized and digestible information displays, prominent customer reviews and an optimized checkout are all areas ZaneRay and Alaska Shore Tours have worked closely on, providing some remarkable results.

A unique feature developed by ZaneRay includes a cruise-specific tour planner sidebar. This is an interactive tool that is pre-populated with the cruise lines, ships and departure dates. Once your cruise is selected, a list of port cities displays with a link to explore all compatible excursions to the date and time your ship is at port. The sidebar stays sticky with an open and close option so that you can continually interact and review different options for each port city. Choosing a tour puts the tour in your cart and displays in the sidebar for the convenience of viewing your growing itinerary.

The goal of this tool was to give the customer a personalized journey building confidence that the different options they are viewing and choosing are compatible for the times the customer is at the particular port, including the length of the tour. Providing this ability for customers to accurately plan their trip in advance instills the confidence for the tour purchase, contributing to an increase in revenue nearly 300% in the past year.

Another focus for the company was to improve their tour detail display pages so customers have all the information they need to book a trip. ZaneRay designed the page to include a sicky buy grid so as you learn about the tour, the purchase grid follows you down the page. The buy grid was also enhanced to feature only available times and spots that are compatible with your cruise, further providing confidence in the purchase. Tour detail is arranged in an easily digestible manner with reviews having prominence. Reviews are solicited from Alaska Shore Tours and lend excellent relevance to the tour and Alaska Shore Tours themselves.

“Establishing credibility with our customers, increasing revenue through exploring cross-sell features, and borrowing the best practices from retail-based ecommerce and applying them to the travel industry were what ZaneRay helped us to accomplish” commented Drew Fortner, founder and co-owner of the company. “The tour pages redesign was a massive step forward for us as well”, continued Fortner.

ZaneRay continues to work with Alaska Shore Tours to improve upon the user experience and offering a superior way of arranging a trip of a lifetime. Oh, and of course, you can book these tours even if you are not going to be on a cruise.

Check it out at but be careful, you may end up booking a trip of your own!