Announcing the 9th Annual Cino Heroica

Ninth Annual Cino Heroica

Sep 15 2015

The ninth annual Cino Heroica bicycle ride took place last weekend, September 12th to 13th. 150 bicyclists rode from Kalispell to Hot Springs Montana, and then back the next day, a total distance of 110 miles. What’s special about this event is that the cyclists are riding vintage bicycles over a mostly unpaved route making it more of a challenge than the 110 two-day total miles might suggest. ZaneRay is a primary sponsor and organizer of the event.

Cino Heroica started out with seven riders in 2007. Reed Gregerson and Henry Roberts – partners at ZaneRay – helped organize and rode on the inaugural event. At the time, the idea of riding over dirt roads with anything but a mountain bike was novel, and most of the original group rode fat tire bikes. Each year the event doubled in the number of participants as more and more embraced the idea of riding vintage road bikes on dirt. Now, only “Cino” bikes (bikes that qualify by being retro and/or having old style makeup) are allowed and as of a few years ago the number of riders was purposely capped at 150.

Cino Heroica has become a fundraiser to support local youth bicycle racing. But as Reed – President at ZaneRay – points out, there are other reasons for ZaneRay to be involved. ”This ride is an extension of the outdoor oriented group that we are. Sometimes ZaneRay gets some press, which is a bonus. But as much work as it is to organize this event, it’s also just plain fun and we like contributing to the bicycling community.”