Selling the World's Best Gravel Bikes Direct

Jun 02 2020

In March of 2020, the ZaneRay Group went live with a redesigned and rebuilt site for Allied Cycles. It was a reunion of sorts, having previously worked with Brendan Quirk to launch the Competitive Cyclist site in 2003. We worked with Competitive Cyclist from the very beginning until they were acquired by in 2012. Given the success of our previous partnership, we teamed up with Brendan again this year to launch Allied Cycles. ZaneRay is not only full of bike enthusiasts, but we also have a significant amount of experience and ecommerce expertise in this particular category, having worked with Competitive Cyclist, Zwift, Trust, and currently Yeti Cycles. When you enter the world of high end, fully customizable bikes, there are a lot of moving parts as well as unique considerations throughout the entire purchase cycle. It is an incredible advantage to bring institutional knowledge into a project like this. However, even with that being the case, there are still many nuances that are completely unique to each brand, requiring a depth of industry knowledge in order to innovate and adequately resolve.

Allied produces the highest end gravel bikes in the market today, offering a full line of carbon frames that are forged here in the United States. The fact that they are made in the US is less about being ‘US made’ in the traditional sense, and more about the ability to fully control the quality of the materials and craftsmanship of the bikes. The first iteration of the site was more focused on introducing the brand, where the new site has been specifically designed to beautifully express the premium nature of these bikes while at the same time being fully optimized to sell.

Allied Cycle Works Bike Features

The new site was launched with a limited edition bike that was designed in collaboration with Rapha, a high-end cycling clothing line. Allied experienced immediate success, having sold more bikes in one week than they had sold to date on the previous iteration of the site, with a significant percentage of these transactions having been completed on mobile devices, which is traditionally less common for complex large-ticket purchases—it was a huge win out of the gate.

With improved story-telling, brand history, top-notch product detail pages, and a greatly improved purchase path, Allied is able to provide an enhanced brand experience while remaining on the Shopify platform, offering a premium buying experience to match the true excellence of the brand.

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Image of Brendan Quirk “ I love the fact that ZaneRay is in Whitefish -- at the epicenter of one of America's final frontiers of unspoiled outdoor adventure. I've always thought that being in such a special place helps them 'get it' when working with the best brands in outdoor and cycling.

They bring an athlete's mentality to their work. I love their goal-oriented determination and fierce work ethic. They understand that the value of authenticity gets measured in ways beyond Google Analytics or a P&L. I wouldn't think about working with any other agency.” - Brendan Quirk, President