Nixon, ZaneRay and BASIC roll out new Nixon site on Zcommerce platform

Nixon, ZaneRay and BASIC roll out new Nixon site on Zcommerce platform

Oct 27 2014

We’re excited to announce the launch of Nixon’s brand new site. This is a second-generation responsive site built on ZaneRay’s very own ZCommerce Platform, that has been the backbone of Nixon’s e-commerce efforts since 2000. The site refresh comes just two years after producing what was, at the time, heralded as one of the first large scale e-commerce projects employing responsive design and development. With tech advancements in web development and a drive to stay fashion forward, the time was right to make improvements and present a fresh look.

The new launch is the fruit of a hard working collaboration between Nixon, BASIC and the ZaneRay Group. All parties worked closely together to create a remarkably compelling experience, melding together an elevated shopping experience, infused with the rich Nixon brand.

The site also serves as a truly global dynamic experience, selling online in 40 countries, presented in seven languages and handling nine currencies.

With increasing use of mobile and touch devices, ZaneRay employed the latest adaptive technologies, leveraging Akamai’s Front End Optimization, and cutting end client-side techniques to deliver relevant and optimized content to each device for a smooth web experience regardless of connection speed or device.

Just as Nixon has always combined beauty and performance with its products, the new is a remarkable, stand-out site experience to explore and shop – enjoyable and optimized for any device, wherever you may find yourself. Whether you’re in Tokyo waiting for the bus, or at home with your awesome Apple Thunderbolt display, the new Nixon 3.0 site will get you stoked. We know we are…