Jeff Jessop ZaneRay - Tyler Furry

Creative Director

We're not exactly sure how Jeff ended up on this page. He also seems confused as to where he is geographically, but so far is enjoying his time here in "Whiteflash". Jeff appearances began sometime in August, 2014, where he would randomly sneak into the office, blending in with his facial hair and laptop, speaking fluent Innuendo. Once the UI team noticed him, they quickly discovered Jeff was impervious to scare tactics like shooing him off with raised rocks and proximity kicks (we think someone was secretly leaving food out).

Jeff's creative talents stem from a primal, musky place. His design work is surprisingly sophisticated, but ask for elaboration and you may get seemingly incoherent mumbling. We are certain there is substance to it and are slowly learning to translate. Luckily, Jeff's previous owner decided to tell his story by tattooing his body. From what we can gather from several badly drawn tattoos, Jeff has been in the creative field since 2001 and has been involved in advertising, photography, branding, editorial, web design, along with a few other activities like lawn darts and panning for gold. We're keeping a close eye on him.