Reed Gregerson President

Dean Hamilton Senior Software Engineer

Henrys Bio

Henry Roberts VP Creative

Penny Porterfield VP Operations & Business Dev.

Florian Skyland Senior UI Developer

Jeremiah Martin

Jeremiah Martin Senior Creative Director

Kimberly Hockaday Quinby SEO Specialist / Programmer

Miriam Lewis Human Resources and Office Manager

Marc O'Brien Project Manager

Tyler Furry Creative Director

Mick Quinlivan Chief Financial Officer

Ian Ferguson Software Engineer

Jeff Jessop

Jeff Jessop Creative Director

Brett Kingsley

Colin Baxter Interface Director

Tyler Rasmussen UI Developer

Jon Kofal

Jon Kofal Systems Engineer

Molly Snyder Director of Customer Success

Tyler Thorney Designer

Shane Pitts Senior Software Engineer

Doug Walter - ZaneRay Programmer

Doug Walter Programmer

Tanner Babcock - ZaneRay Project Manager

Tanner Babcock Project Manager

Kirk Cornelius - ZaneRay Strategic Director

Kirk Cornelius Strategic Director

Kyle Bolstad - ZaneRay Interface Developer

Kyle Bolstad Interface Director

Rebecca Baker - ZaneRay Project Manager

Rebecca Baker Project Manager

Devin Popper - ZaneRay Project Manager

Devin Popper Project Manager

Mason Mullendore - ZaneRay Interface Developer

Mason Mullendore Interface Developer

Jeimi Woffinden Interface Developer / Designer

Nicole Oldow Interface Developer

Nic Headlee Project Manager

Steve Larson Designer