Toad&Co, originally Horny Toad, was a young apparel company seeking a new ecommerce package for their front end on the Web. Having out-grown their current vendor, they were looking a for flexibility site provider who could meet unique needs, leverage their site to include a dealer extranet, and provide a promotional site for employees and wholesalers.

They chose ZaneRay initially to assist with their existing site and then migrated the entire site to the ZFoundation tool suite. The collaboration continued, and ZaneRay launched the dealer extranet and an employee purchase site, all running from the same ZaneRay database and tool suite.

Following their momentous decision to change the brand name to Toad&Co, ZaneRay devised a strategy to help the company transition to the new website and branding - without losing hard-earned search engine traffic and rankings. With Toad&Co’s successful brand transition in the rearview mirror, ZaneRay continues working to promote the brand and their yummy products in creative and imaginative ways.

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