RV Covers was designed and built by ZaneRay using Shopify

RV Covers is the leading source for everything one needs to protect their RV, motorhome, automobile and almost anything else. Their own ADCO RV covers have won ‘RV Cover of the Year’ four years in a row. They are one of a collection of properties that has recently been acquired into a larger family of successful automotive ‘cover’ retailers. Since these sites specialize in a specific category of product, it is essential that they are able to transfer their expertise to their ecommerce experience. RV Covers has done an exceptional job of transferring that knowledge into their online store.

RV Covers partnered with the ZaneRay group to redesign their website, creating a mobile responsive design that is highly interactive and visually engaging. We designed a custom theme for their site, focusing much of our effort on optimizing the UX workflow as well as SEO. RV Covers made the decision to work with ZaneRay’s Customer Success team to help optimize their site on a monthly basis. It is an optimal way for us to work with our partners, alongside each other in a collaborative effort to incrementally improve site performance over time based on our collective learnings.

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