ZaneRay built the Remington Knives web site with ZCommerce

Most of us when we hear the name Remington will think of electric shavers or possibly rifles, depending upon where you are from. Remington knives or cutlery is not as familiar yet these knives have been around for nearly a century. Enter 2018, a well known knife manufacturer, and a licensee agreement and voila! is born!

When Buck Knives approached ZaneRay in 2017 and inquired about creating a new site for Remington Knives, the ideas quickly led to an idea of cloning the Buck Knives website and use the front and back end structures to cost effectively create the Remington site. This approach made the most sense given the orders would be processed in the same manner as Buck Knives, using the same integration to their ERP system. Similarly, the same team would be managing the site and its content, gaining economies of scale for administering the site with familiar tools and software. This approach has allowed Buck to implement an enterprise web platform with a minimal budget and effort.

While the product line is not that deep, the individual products are of the Buck and Remington quality and offered at a very reasonable price. Like Buck, some of the Remington knives are also collector items, with new editions coming out each year. The site supports the brand well for all distribution channels and will continue to expand as their product line does.

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