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M.S. Rau Antiques is a long established Antiques store in New Orleans. They have a tradition of high quality and remarkable collections. Being a landmark in the French Quarter for now 100 years, they have established credibility and trust with discerning antique collectors worldwide. Facing a significant financial upgrade to the software platform of the previous site, M.S. Rau chose The ZaneRay Group to design and develop a new site for them on the ZFoundation platform.

The new M.S. Rau Antiques site was redesigned to present a clean and professional interface that builds customer confidence and makes branding evident. Navigation is easy to understand and intuitive. Products are presented in a clean and detailed fashion offering the user everything they would expect from M.S. Rau while also presenting the human side behind the web in an easy accessible fashion.

By offering site features such as a resource library and rich media presentations, M.S. Rau offers their customers a site that is far above any of their competition. The site clearly places them as the premier quality and rare antiques in the country if not North America. Given the nature of the items in their inventory, there was a need to offer viewers the ability to hear the melodious sounds of a rare music box or to see how an item works. To accomplish this, audio and video was added to many items, allowing a virtual experience of any given product.

Some of the more unique features designed specifically for the site include the ability for a user to save items to "My Collection" that can be shared with a friend or placed into the cart for purchase. Taking advantage of the exceptional in-house photography that M.S. Rau has for each piece, a slide show is offered for every product, giving the user an armchair viewing of the fine details of each item. Similarly, when viewing a category of items, you can view the entire collection as a slide show, again offering an arm chair view of the fine collectibles offered by M.S. Rau.

Gaining greater efficiencies in almost every area of site management, M.S. Rau has expressed great excitement and satisfaction with the site and content management tools.

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