Osprey Packs

Osprey Packs makes arguably the best backpacks, travel bags and luggage in the outdoor industry. Their product line is deep with packs to meet nearly every need whether you are climbing in the Andes, backpacking in the Rockies or commuting on your bike to work, Osprey has a pack that will fit nearly every pursuit.

The Colorado based company has been growing and decided to update and replatform their website to keep pace with the company’s success. Osprey teamed with The ZaneRay Group to design and build a new website that would incorporate modern technologies to expose not only the expanse of their product offering but to show the incredible detail that goes into every pack.

Osprey chose ZaneRay’s Z-Foundation Commerce Suite (zCommerce) as their new platform for delivering their new site. Osprey wanted the flexibility and customization zCommerce offers, along with the ease of incorporating multilingual and media-rich content.

As a mobile-first responsive effort, the site was designed from the start to take advantage of every device that might possibly access the site for browsing. To adequately communicate the myriad product features, great care was taken to provide easily digestible details, using interactive feature snippets cleverly synchronized to a 360 degree view of the product. ZaneRay also employed a relatively new “bricks” componentry out of the zCommerce CMS that allows site administrators to choose from a library of reusable content components and ‘stack’ them to layout their more robust product and brand pages. Individual bricks can include video, product details, full-width imagery, links to accessory products, or just about anything a site administrator would like to present.

With such a wide variety of products and features, ZaneRay and Osprey set out to design a tool that would easily guide the Osprey customer to find just the right pack. The Packfinder was custom designed to help guide the customer through a few visually presented questions like “Who is the pack for? Male, Female or Youth?”. Next the customer is asked what primary activity will the pack be used for, such as backpacking, climbing or travel. Product suggestions are then presented with a score, the highest score being the best match. From there customers can choose a product or can continue to add other desired features to increase the scores of the best matching products. The simplicity of the tool is its greatest attribute.

As a key tool for navigating the product line, the Packfinder is designed to be used by in-store retail staff on an iPad or a customer on their phone in a store trying to choose what product is best for them, or someone at home researching their purchase on their desktop computer.

The new Osprey Packs site was also designed for the International customer, launching the site and content in French and Spanish as the first languages. Additional languages will be added as Osprey continues to build upon the foundation of their new, highly branded website.

Osprey Packs also engaged Locally, a service that connects the site visitor to retailers in their area who carry Osprey products and even which stores have Osprey products in stock. In addition to a Dealer Locator search, ZaneRay worked with Locally to enhance the user experience by displaying local retailers on the product page, showing the specific retailers that have the product in stock. This feature provides a clear and convenient connection from the web to the retailer whether on a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

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