Old Wood Signs - Meissenburg Designs

If you have ever gone on vacation to a ski cabin or lake house and admired some of the decor that might include a vintage sign with the name of the lake or ski area you are visiting, you might wonder where the owner got the sign. Enter Oldwoodsigns.com and you will find an entire library of vintage signs of all types that you can then personalize with all types of details depending on the sign you choose. Pick from themes like Lake, Winter, Surfing, Boating, even Wine or Harley Davidson and browse through all types, sizes and shapes of signs to choose from.

Created and manufactured by Meissenburg Designs in BigFork, Montana, the company historically have only sold through specialty retailers throughout the country. In 2017, ZaneRay and Meissenburg collaboratively designed their new ecommerce website to allow consumers to select and personalize their own signs online. With so many signs and types to choose from, the user is able to browse by theme, product type, by artists or by new signs added to the site.

Personalize It!

Once a customer has found a sign they like, 80% of the signs offered allow the user to add their own personalize text. So for example if you chose the “Relax, you’ve arrived” cabin sign, the product image shows Lake Tahoe, California on two lines. Each of those lines can be personalized on the product page to include whatever text you wish. Meissenburg takes the personalized text and a graphic designer reviews it to make sure it fits the sign perfectly before printing - it is not an automated process but a true personalized touch.

Oldwoodsigns.com offers a consumer journey that thoughtfully incorporates great wayfinding thru a delightfully emotive (or curated) catalog of products. Taking it further by enabling personalization with a designers touch and a smooth responsive checkout process. It's a great example of artful eCommerce.

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