holly yashi

NAU is an urban centric lifestyle apparel brand that had rocky beginnings. After restructuring and becoming a sister brand to Horny Toad, the new management brought the brand back to life. The first NAU site was almost entirely delivered in flash, making site maintenance, content management and product changes difficult and costly. NAU in their rebirth, required a site that would give them full control of all site content with robust content management tools, efficiency in product data management and streamlined transaction processing.

The redesign uses a more traditional ecommerce approach and with the proven power and flexibility of the ZFoundation platform, NAU maintains complete control and management over their site content, and assets. The company gained great efficiencies in performing season refreshes on their site and also gained economies of scale by utilizing the special fulfillment center utilized by Horny Toad. With the new site and partnerships with Horny Toad and Zaneray, NAU is poised to continue in growth and future success in lifestyle outdoor clothing.

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