ZaneRay built the Remington Knives web site with ZCommerce

Natural Gear's corporate headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas and the company is owned by a local board of investors. Natural Gear is a camouflage company that was founded in the early 1990's by a couple of brothers in the woods of Arkansas who while on the hunt, experienced first hand that the popular camo on the market missed the mark where it mattered most—in the field. So began their journey to create the best camouflage patterns on the market that would be based on the subtlety of nature and the science behind it. The result was a pattern that effortlessly blends into any terrain.

Equally important to the company is that their products not only perform exceptionally but are affordable to the working-class hunting community. They took their first camo design to market in 1994 and have continued to adapt and evolve to meet the demands and needs of consumers, gaining many loyal fans along the way. Natural Gear is by nature a no fuss, no frills company. We learned that a strong work ethic and value in doing things right are at the core of the company. This combination made it a no-brainer for ZaneRay, we knew we wanted to help Natural Gear share their story and their products online by creating a website that would launch them into the future of e-commerce.

Natural Gear was an excellent fit for ZaneRay for multiples reasons. We primarily specialize in companies in the Outdoor Industry and are located in Northwest Montana making the majority of us outdoor enthusiasts. We also have a keen understanding of brand voice and pride ourselves in creating client websites that stand out from competitors.

We are excited to work with Natural Gear in the future, continue to help them with the new site and can't wait to watch them become a strong online presence in the hunting industry.

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