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Known as one of the market leaders in alpine ski equipment, HEAD Wintersports is particularly a driving force in the technical advancements in the sport. A dominating presence on the World Cup podium gives testament to their performance and success. Recently, HEAD has emerged in the proving grounds of big mountain and all-ride skiing as a solid player.

For the last four years, ZaneRay's Pete Thomas has been working closely with HEAD, designing skis and helping with marketing and product development. Focused mainly on their Allride (all mountain) and All Country (sidecountry) segments, the work has required a keen understanding of the ski industry, design trends, production and manufacturing details and the technology story of each product. It's been an exciting collaboration and we feel fortunate to be involved on the ground level with such a progressive and well-driven ski manufacturer. We're stoked to see our designs on the slopes, and as an added bonus...the skis totally rip!

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