ZaneRay designed and built Grotopo with Vue, Firebase and Prismic

Grotopo is a web site and progressive web-app built for gardeners and farmers, using technology to share their successes and failures—introducing global collaboration to an activity that has been cultivated through word of mouth for generations.

The primary goal of Grotopo is simple: to help more people grow more of their own food. To accomplish this, the site enables users to store an on-line, virtual record of the items in their garden, and place physical tags within their garden to bring the two together. With a quick swipe of a QR Code, a gardener or farmer can access data about their planting, record status, harvest data or pests, and reach out to the greater community for help if something is going wrong.

The Grotopo project is a joint venture between ZaneRay and the folks at Grotopo. We have collectively been developing the idea since 2017. We are hoping to grow the audience and the toolset, to someday be a helpful tool for millions of gardeners worldwide.

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