evo is a premium online reseller of snow, pavement and water based action sports softgoods and hardgoods.

We were attracted to evo as a brand because they are more than an action sports online store. evo understands that even in 2015, retail is not dead, the level of service that can be offered in a store still surpasses what can be offered online, and evo is as committed to opening new stores as they are to growing their online business. They are also a company that strives to have a lot to say as a brand—much like the manufacturers they sell—which is out of the ordinary for resellers.

Evo responsive product detail page

We were excited by the challenge to build a site that has such a symbiotic relationship between their stores and the online site. We also saw challenges in designing pages that work for products of many manufacturers, not just one—as we typically work directly with brands.

The evo project is not a wholesale redesign, but instead our design and interface programming work will be coming online throughout 2015. We are excited to work hand-and-hand with the very talented internal team at evo to move the needle, and help advance the site and evo mission.

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