cut2sizemetals is a truly branded site designed and developed by ZaneRay for Evansville Sheet Metal Works, Inc. (ESMW) in Indiana. While ESMW has an excellent reputation within their geographic region, the company was looking to not only enter the eCommerce business but to beat out any competitors in all aspects of their online business. The challenge was to launch a site that sold their products and services to a national customer base without a recognized brand. The result? was born.

This site required a professional look and feel with a simple, user interface to instill confidence in the user to purchase custom cut metal products online. For each product, specially designed algorithms where required to calculate and supply the back end system with the correct ordering data. In addition, complex shipping rules were required given the large dimensions and variety of products being shipped.

Additional challenges included posturing the site for highly competitive search engine rankings and sophisticated integrations to their back end system. This site is another great example of unique needs, highly customized products and integrations, and excellent user interface design.

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