With over 80,000 patterns and growing, Covercraft has been manufacturing quality automobile interior and exterior protection products since 1965, all made in the USA. Their patterns cover car models dating all the way back to the 1917 Model T. As the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-patterned vehicle covers, Covercraft partnered with the ZaneRay Group to take their craft to the Internet with a website redesign that is both customer and vehicle centric.

ZaneRay and Covercraft worked closely together to redesign the Covercraft website and create a mobile responsive design that is a highly interactive and visual user experience. Launched in March of 2016, users start with selecting the vehicle they want to protect which then reveals all products that Covercraft has for that car. You can park your car in the virtual garage for future shopping and add other vehicles you own in the same garage. You can select from hundreds of ready-fit products or use the Covercrafter™ to create a custom cover that is made to order.

The “Covercrafter™” shopping tool is a custom configuration tool that presents choices for materials and colors for a selected vehicle, that guides customers to a final, fully custom vehicle cover. Future additions will include the ability to print images or logos or include custom embroidery on the car covers.

Covercraft on iDevices

Taking a look under the covers so to speak, the complexity of the data needed to allow for a seamless shopping experience was enormous. The new site was actually a merger of several individual sites carrying different protection products. “This was a rather large conglomeration of data from several companies that had been purchased over the years that had very little in common in how the data was organized”, says Dean Hamilton, lead engineer on the project and an owner of ZaneRay. “It wasn’t an option to overhaul the data on the back end so ZaneRay took on the task of managing data patterns on the website. Definitely the most complex data challenge we have worked with at ZaneRay.”

With a focus on ecommerce and mobile optimization, the results have been rather staggering with conversion rates up 127%, transactions up 142% and year over year revenue up 50% just in the first 6 months. “We are excited to see such an incredible trend with this new site,” says Reed Gregerson, President of ZaneRay. “We know this is just the beginning with more features to be added in the coming months.”

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