Buck Knives is a heritage American-made knife manufacturer out of Post Falls, ID. Virtually everything about their company made them a perfect fit for ZaneRay. We like to work for companies whose products we can get behind, and almost everyone at ZaneRay had a story about some experience that involved a Buck Knife. Our fathers used them, as did our grandfathers, and quite often our sons.

buck knives responsive site

The creation of the new Buck web site is a huge step forward. Bringing some organization as well as faceted navigation to their product line, as well a new and improved knife configurator to a fully responsive web site—a hundred year old company is ready to engage the next generation of customers.

We're also extremely proud that the new Buck site offers a platform for them to truly showcase their brand. With a modern design, taking full advantage of whatever browser space the user has, customers experience a site that can fully showcase all that is great about the best knife manufacturer in America.

Go to the Buck Knives Site

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