ZaneRay built the Bote Boards site with Shopify Plus

Bote Boards got their start in 2008 by Corey and Magda Cooper, on the ideals of wanting to build a better board—and one that you could actually fish from, that paddled efficiently, and could carry a beer cooler. This product didn’t exist but they knew they weren’t alone in wishing that it did. Fast forward a decade and they are making the most functional boards on the market, and their line has even expanded to inflatables, boards you can mount an outboard motor on, as well as inflatable docks to help you party on the lake.

In 2017, after many years of working around the limitations of their previous ecomm platform, Bote partnered with ZaneRay to build a better website. Much like the aforementioned beer coolers on the water, the Bote + ZaneRay collaboration made perfect sense. We love outdoor brands that push what’s possible not only in the products they sell but also in their drive to craft an online experience that does their pioneering spirit justice. From complex product pages built to tell a better story, to educating visitors on the sport and their wide array of nuanced products, to a more user-friendly method of surfacing all the accessories one could want to include with their board, ZaneRay was up to the challenge. We couldn’t be happier to have such a stellar Brand on our roster.

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